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New bunker and pond construction on Championship Course

May 4, 2023 — If you’ve driven by or live along the golf course, we know you’ve seen a lot of progress. We can’t wait to be able to introduce an exceptional new golf and club experience. In the meantime, here are some important updates:

Hello hazards: Redesigned bunkers and ponds

The bunkers on the 18-hole Championship Course have been completely redesigned for a new layer of beauty and challenge. The new bunkers will be classically designed with flat sand floors and steep grass faces. The new bunkers will punctuate the landscape and provide the strategic elements that influence the play of each hole. Construction of the bunkers is nearly complete with several of them being filled with sand and grass.

The design and placement of the bunkers will add interest for beginners and give experienced players new opportunities for challenging shots.

  • For instance, Hole 12, one of the par three holes on the course, gains complexity with the addition of three bunkers that guard the green. Golfers must decide whether whether to run their tee shot through the gap between the bunkers, or attempt to carry a straight line over paired hazards on the left and one on the right side of the green.
  • The green on Hole 18 is also guarded by three bunkers, but golfers must first navigate a fairway flanked by bunkers that are small but strategically placed. These fairway and green hazards, and the hole’s leftward curve, will reward forethought and care in shot placement.

These photos show completed bunkers on Hole 3 (left) and Hole 1 (right) as well as the beginnings of turfgrass:

We’re also in the process of redesigning all of the ponds on the course for better landscape aesthetics and additional challenge and interest.

When complete, the renovated ponds will be larger and will provide features that enhance environmental habitat, stabilize the shorelines and reduce erosion. The pond renovations are progressing steadily, with nearly 100% completion reached.

A total of six holes on the Championship Course incorporate a water feature. Course architect Chris Wilczynski has carefully considered how water hazards will affect the course of play.

Take Hole 17 as an example: A new pond will present golfers with an exciting risk/reward option to carry their tee shot over the entire body of the pond, or play away from the pond to the left.

This snapshot of the course plan shows new ponds that are under construction along Hole 17 (upper left) and Hole 10 (lower left). The club area is visible in the top right:

Sound like an opportunity to test your skills? Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to warm up before hitting the links, as renovation plans include ample practice facilities (practice range, short game area and putting green) and on-site coaching from experienced pros.

New maintenance facility will add high-tech capabilities behind the scenes

The focus on excellence also extends to plans for a new maintenance building. Although it’s a behind the scenes facility that visitors won’t typically encounter, the maintenance building will be the nerve center of the new club. We’re planning a state-of-the-art facility that will help bring a new level of performance to club operations and the member experience.

The facility will house GPS-guided mowers, environmental monitoring equipment and an advanced irrigation system, ensuring improved turf quality and consistency. Plans also include a rainwater harvesting system and solar panels, reducing environmental impact. Construction on the maintenance building is set to begin later in 2023, and we’re excited to show more of the techniques and technology that will keep the course in great condition.